"Made in Germany"

Steps of development

Everything in the life of a new-born baby is new: Seeing Mum and Dad, recognising things around them, touching and comprehending, rolling a ball, standing on their own two feet for the first time...

Each day generates many new impressions and experiences for the child in their social einvironment. To be able to accompany a child on life´s mystery tour is a wonderful task which you can devote yourself to with perseverance and enthusiasm.

Playing has an essential role to play. It provides a baby with lots of new information which is necessary for their development. Perception and motor abilities are trained. They master their own accomplishments bit by bit and, in this way conquer their own little world. Curiosity and a natural urge to play are the basis for knowledge and learning.

Carefully selected toys from Selecta encourage and accompany your child through this important and exciting time in which the parents can stand on the periphery but be active participants at the same time. For each development phase there is exactly the right toy to train and promote the senses and abilities of the child.