"Made in Germany"

Educationally valuable

Selecta began to produce wooden toys for nursery schools over 40 years ago. Names such as Fröbel and Maria Montessori have been our role-models.

From the first idea until their realization, Selecta toys are subjected to many tests. These tests are carried out together with the assistance and advice of experienced teachers, in families, nursery schools and playgroups. We procure the recommendations of teachers and parents before completing the development of a new Selecta toy. The focus during the development of Selecta toys and games is placed on high value playtime. Our products have very high expectations in order to animate the children into playing independently.

We can also look back on a long tradition of producing toys for toddlers; we consider and use all the knowledge we have collected in this time in the development of each toy.

Our product selection offers children from 0 until 8 years the best possible play stimulation. Our aim is to build on this development. There is very much, especially for babies, to learn and discover, First grasping toys promote the development of the senses. You can find a lot of information about the things your child can learn and how you can encourage them in our advice pages.